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VAAL Developments       BEDROOMS  4 + SQ
VAAL Developments     PRICE    STARTING FROM KSH 17,000,000  



Our properties each have their own distinct design aesthetic, offering an aspirational lifestyle within a thriving community, all while being supported by Barre Homes community management team. 

Price: KES  17,000,000
Off Muhoho Avenue, South C, Nairobi
Sold Out



Building a Legacy of Excellence in Nairobi Real Estate

Barre Homes, is a leading property developer in Nairobi, shaping the future of Kenyan real estate with a commitment to transparency, integrity, and professionalism. Our track record and unwavering dedication to innovation allow us to set new benchmarks in the dynamic Nairobi market.

We offer a diverse portfolio of properties, including luxury apartments, strategic commercial space, and stunning maisonettes. Whether you’re

seeking a modern apartment in South C or a lucrative investment property in Nairobi, we have something for everyone. All this is done with utmost efficiency and transparency.

Barre Homes is committed to redefining and resetting industry standards in Kenya. We welcome you to discover your dream home or learn more about our dedication to building a future of unparalleled excellence in property and property management.

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